A Potted History of Menton...

  • Roman times: the town was on the Via Julia Augusta, part of the Aurelian Way that ran from Rome to Arles. (Some of these landmarks make fascinating viewing today, at the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology of Monaco)

  • 1346: The Vento family sell Menton to Charles Grimaldi of Monaco for 16,000 florins.  It remains in their hands until 1848

  • 1640: The church Saint-Michel is enlarged and comes to dominate the town

  • 1861: Menton is reunited with France, which couples with the growth of tourism in the region

  •  C.19th: The arrival of Russian and English nobility signals Menton's heyday, and the town becomes a magnet for aristocracy,   royalty and celebrated artists: Queen Victoria, the Empress Eugenie, King Albert I of Belgium, Alexander of Russia, the sculptor   Rodin, the composer Liszt, and the writer Ibañez are some of the illustrious visitors to the town...Grand Hotels a l'Anglaise the   "Winter Palace" and the "Riviera Palace"are built, alluding to their guests.

  • 1991: Seven centuries of rich history and a remarkable legacy of art ensured that Menton was the first town on the Cote d'Azur to be granted the esteemed status of Ville d’Art et d’Histoire by the French Ministry of Culture. Felicitations, Menton!