The magnificent Arts & Crafts gardens that surround the house were designed by two generations of the Waterfield family during the early and mid C.20th.  The sloping site is divided into terraces, with a series of cascading pools filtering into a fishpond at the bottom, and eventually, the sea.


They were later added to by their son, Humphrey - himself a graduate of the distinguished British art schools the Ruskin School and the Slade - and the family still occupies part of the villa today.   

The novel The Long Afternoon, written in 2000 by Humphrey's nephew Giles Waterfield, is based on old family diaries and Visitors' Books of the early 20th century. Just like Tender Is The Night by F Scott Fitzgerald, which came before it, The Long Afternoon offers a vivid portrayal of the life-style enjoyed along the French Riviera at that time, and at the Clos du Peyronnet itself. .


Humphrey's nephew, the botanist William Waterfield, today continues to follow the family tradition of caring for the gardens, still introducing many rare and spectacular plants and species.


These beautiful gardens remain in the ownership of the Waterfield family, and guests are welcome to enjoy them by prior agreement.

Botanical Gardens
Demi johns in the garden
Cascading pools
Date palms and cypress
Garden topiary
Demi johns in the garden
Botanical Gardens
The wisteria in April is spectacular

Images of a few of the many outstanding plants in the gardens; labels from left to right


Row 1 (top): Tulbaghia violacea, Calocephalus brownii, Fascicularia pitcairnifolia, Cycas revoluta.



Row 2: Montanoa bipinnatifida, Oxypetalum coeruleum, Dasylirion acrotrichum, Phoenix canariense.



Row 3: Hibbertia volubilis, Raphidophora decursiva, Frucrea bedinghausii, Otatea azterocorum.



Row 4: Afrocarpus gaussenii, Solanum wendlandii, Tipuana tipu, Dracaena draco.