The address is :


Le Clos du Peyronnet

Avenue Aristide Briand

06500 Menton Garavan


The entrance to our apartment is at the back of the building (down some steps) and is called “La Tour”.

Parking : The parking is to the right as you enter the main gates of the property. The reserved parking space is one of the two immediately to the right hand side under cover.


Arriving from the Autoroute (exit Menton).


When you exit the autoroute to Menton the road will take you right in to town so stay on this and you will end up at the Casino (5 – 10 mins max). Behind the Casino is the sea and a road that follows the coast. Get on that road and turn left so that you are driving towards Italy – the sea will be to your right as you are driving. You will see the old town in front of you …. drive towards it and follow the road around it continuing on in the direction of Italy (don’t get off  the road – keep sea to your right). On the other side of the Old town you will see a small port …. Keep going and around 1 km further on you will see a second port, Port de Menton Garavan. Just after the small Total Service Station (on your right) you will see some traffic lights where you can either continue on towards Italy on the coast road or vere slightly to the left and up a hill (past a Tabac, a small hotel - Hotel Paris Rome, and a pharmacy). Continue up the hill about 200 meters and you will cross a railway line. Then after the railway line turn immediately to your left and up the small road. To you right will be a 1970's apartment building and in front of you will be the gates to our property, "Le Clos du Peyronnet".