Ville du Citron

The lemon is the symbol of Menton, and until the 1930's, it's cultivation was one of the principal incomes of the town.  It is still remembered today in the annual Fete du Citron in February, which attracts 160,000 visitors annually and is a real spectacle to behold.


Legend has it that Eve, chased from earthly paradise with Adam, took away a fruit of gold. After crossing mountains, valleys and plains, they saw the bay of Menton Garavan. The gulf, the mild climate, the lush vegetation ... everything reminded Eve of the sweetness of Eden.  She buried the lemon here, and in this place was born the paradise on earth of Menton ...

The Citron de Menton is protected, being harvested by hand without use of pesticides or wax, and is widely recognized for it's delicate perfume. 


Be sure to sample this symbol of Menton, perhaps from the covered market in a cool Gin & Tonic, or in the celebrated Mentonnais desert Tarte au Ctiron


“Old Menton with its steep tiers of houses huddled one on top of the other, its mysterious myriad of rippling patches of light and dark, its sudden flashes of sun and of blue church towers, all projected against the velvet opalescence of the mountains.”  Octave Mirabeau (1848-1917) 

World class restaurants...

Just two minutes away from Le Clos du Peyronnet, on a hillside adjacent to the Franco-Italian border in Menton, the two Michelin-starred Le Mirazur offers all the flavours and colours of the Côte d’Azur. Argentine-born chef Mauro Colagreco brings both innovation and simplicity to his food.

The reign of the Baroque
A baroque heritage of remarkable richness is one of the key cultural and tourist points of interests on the Côte d'Azur and the Comté de Nice. Over eighty monuments, churches, chapels, palaces and citadels are ripe for discovery along the Route du Baroque Nisso-Ligure.

Forts, Citadels and Castles
From medieval castles to citadels and fortified bastides, these buildings have undergone transformations over the centuries, today becoming peaceful spots and excellent excuses for cultural visits combing some of the region’s most beautiful landscapes.

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